Radhika Srikanth

Being a mom is indeed a challenging task. Some women give up their career to take care of their children while some resume working after few years. But few like Radhika Srikant amp it up by working full time as well as looking after her kid from home. She has found that sweet balanced spot where in she is able to manage both, her kid & her career successfully.

Meet Radhika Srikanth – The balanced mom, digital marketer & a trainer


What is your business about?

It’s a digital marketing & analytics firm started by me & my husband. The company is my second kid and I take good care of it & been taking the extra mile to nurture it as well.

Talk us through your entrepreneurial journey, how did you end up where you are today?

Ah, well, being a mom, I wanted to give my entire time & care to my kid but I also had a zeal in me, so didn’t want to give up on my career. Being a digital marketer for 8 years in the industry, I decided to start my own venture and help other mother’s like me who are struggling to manage their businesses. I started with the intention to help mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs to grow their business with my knowledge of digital marketing & analytics. Parallelly I even started to provide online training on digital marketing for women and fresh graduates at very nominal & affordable price. I do understand that quality comes at a price but for sharing knowledge & helping people, making money should not be a priority. The journey started with just 1 project in hand and gradually progressed. Right now I have successfully run about 11 batches of online training along with working on several projects in most of the major industries.

Who or what, is your inspiration and motivation?

I saw many women working hard in making some small handicrafts, artistic stuff, etc. and struggling to market it or generate any substantial revenue. So it got me thinking, why don’t I use my knowledge and help out people. This motivated me to start and my pillar of support is my husband who actually is with me at decision I make. He supported and guided me in every step, he is the major part for the reason what I am today. And would love to thank my entire family for supporting me in one or the other way to be successful.

How do you see the industry evolving in the next coming decade?

Digital marketing is never ending and evergreen as there are new businesses coming every day. Every business needs a digital presence and thus digital marketing is important to have a successful growth. So I am happy that I am into a fast evolving industry.

Any valuable lessons, tips, advices, etc. which you have learned and would like to share it with our readers?

Don’t step back at one failure. We fail and struggle in the very beginning. If we step back it stops then and there. But trying again and again will definitely makes you perfect and successful.


  • Books:
    • Why has nobody told me this before – by Julie Smith
    • Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business
  • Magazines/Papers: Vogue India
  • Podcasts: The Vision-Nari by Swati Rawat
  • TV/Movies: Shark Tank India
  • Apps/WebApps: Ebook Readers, Any creative app for self-promotion

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