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Learn a new language while you browse the internet


Being multilingual is a sign of a creative mind & also helps sometimes while carrying on a business. Many of us do not have extra time to dedicate to learning a new language but what if I told you that you can very well learn a new language while you’re doing your work and with no extra effort required? Yes, you read that right, what if everything gets served to you on a platter and that too for free?

Meet Toucan – an immersive way to learn a new language while going about your day.

“Backed by science, translated by experts & not to forget, private and secure”

… is what the Co-founder & the CEO of Toucan, Taylor Nieman says.

Toucan is a free browser extension that helps you learn a new language while browsing the web. Its free and the learning curve is steep, you can just install the extension, and select which language you wish to learn & done.

With the help of excellent team members like their Co-founder & CTO, Shaun Merritt and Co-founder & CPO, Brandon Dietz, Toucan has dominated as the Editor’s Pick in Google’s Chrome Webstore as well as in Microsoft’s Edge-Addons website.
When you’re browsing the web, Toucan will automatically translate the words on a web page in the language you want to learn and once you hover over it, it will show you the original word.

Toucan also has a quiz & practice feature that will help you test your knowledge more. Apart from this, you can track your progress and achievements. You can register the free account but Toucan works without an account too as anonymous. So no need to provide your email address or anything to use Toucan extension. If you need a break from learning then you can pause Toucan and carry on your work.

I cannot imagine anything more convenient at this moment other than Toucan, to learn a new language while I’m doing my work. It’s just almost an effortless way of learning a new language. At this very moment, Toucan is trusted by more than 750,000 people worldwide, yes, it’s used by more than 750,000! folks.

So head over to Toucan and start learning a new language in seconds!

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