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On Tuesday, 14th June 2022, the technology giant, Google, announced the “Google for Startups Accelerator – India Women Founders” programme for women-founded / co-founded startups in India.

This programme is focused on building networks, capital raising, hiring challenges, mentorship and many others. It will also provide ample of workshops and support for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UX/UI, Android, Cloud Computing, Web, Product Strategy, Digital Marketing, etc. along with providing an opportunity to connect with the community of the best women founders globally.

Currently, the inaugural batch will only consist of 20 women-founded/co-founded startups. These startups can be those at the minimum viable product stage too. The programme will run for 3 months after commencement.

This initiative is fueled by Google’s motive to uplift & create awareness with timely interventions to support those women who need good guidance and knowledge in order to accelerate their startups. Currently, pitching, fundraising, networking, seeking out mentors, etc. are really tough for women as compared to their male counterparts. The reason for this might be numerous such as the cultural conditioning as well as a lack of role models to drive the inspiration.

This programme will help bring in a domino effect as once there are trailblazers, many follow it. Startups having women leading the front will definitely inspire many and motivate them to succeed. We are really thankful to Google for such an initiative.

To apply click on this Google Form. The last date to apply is 10th July 2022. Be sure to apply before the deadline and remember, only 20 lucky women led startups will be enrolled.
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