Journey through her eyes


Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

J.K. Rowling

The above quote is by the world-famous J. K. Rowling, She went through many hurdles in her life. A short-lived marriage, a single parent, jobless & it didn’t stop there. Eventually, she came out of it and now her story is something which inspires many. Her journey might be unknown to many but if one gets to know it, will definitely encourage more women to be self-reliant.

We came up with the idea to start She CEO as a platform to promote women’s empowerment & betterment so that she can be independent as well as motivate the younger generation. Our aim is simply to cover stories about powerful businesswomen and their journey along with providing enough resources so that it can be easy for the ones who aspire to create an impact in this world.

With this, we hope that our honest approach works well and we cater to creating an environment which will help many women in the long run.